How To Be A Data Scientist? Is This The Right Course For You?

Data Science has shot to fame in the past decade, proving to be one of the most enticing and attractive domains in the IT industry. Countries such as USA and China are investing billions of dollars to incorporate AI into their industries. You might think that the jobs for data scientists is restricted to industries such as financial and technology but its potential goes far beyond them and it is flourishing in various domains and industries, making it one of the fastest accelerating careers to pursue today. Data scientists make use of tools to understand consumer web habits in order to assess consumer interests and behavior. They then make use of this newly-found data to make key business decisions for companies in various industries. Therefore, data science is making a difference much bigger than you can fathom. 

What Skills You Need To Be A Data Scientist?

In a nutshell, getting a data scientist course degree is just one small step towards becoming a successful professional. You must have the traits of a mathematician, a statistician, a computer programmer and an analyst. It seems pretty overwhelming but it is certainly achievable. You must have a varied range of skills with enough and more knowledge of computer programming languages and a bit of insight in data mining and visualization.

Technical aspects aside, you must also have a good understanding of business as you are a part of the complex data-driven organizational decisions, thus, increasing the need for you to be good communicators, leaders and team players with strong analytical thinking.

Qualifications, Eligibility, And Salary Of A Data Scientist

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In terms of obtaining the required qualifications to become a data scientist, you can choose one out of three options:

  • You can pursue graduate certificates or a full-fledged data scientist course that provides you with the necessary structure, internship opportunities and recognized academic qualifications that can add weight to your résumé. However, they may also be time-consuming and pricey.
  • Your second option is taking up self-guided learning courses that are either free or they cost you very little money. They are quicker to finish and you have the flexibility to complete it in your own time. But, you need to build the structure on your own and pave an appropriate path.
  • Finally, bootcamps that are much faster and provide you with all the necessary details that you require to get started in the industry. But, it does not qualify as a degree. 

There are also other skills that you can acquire, some of which are listed below:

  • Programming Languages such as Python, R, SAS
  • Machine Learning Tools
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Statistics and Math
  • Software Engineering Skills
  • Data Mining, Cleaning and Munging
  • Big Data Platforms

A good annual data scientist salary can range between Rs 306,989 and Rs 1,765,133 based on your experience and qualifications. 

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Courses Available To Be A Data Scientist

It makes sense to invest time and money in academic qualifications in the form of advanced data science course degrees like either a master’s or a Ph.D as well as data scientist certification like Certified Analytics Professional (CAP), EMC Proven Professional Data Scientist (EMCDS) and SAS Certified Predictive Modeler using SAS Enterprise Miner 14. 

Here is a list of data analytics courses in India:

  • Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence (PGP-BABI) by Great Learning in association with Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM) by Jigsaw Academy and University Of Chicago
  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning by Manipal ProLearn in association with Manipal Academy Of Higher Education
  • PG Program in Data Science by UpGrad in association with IIITB
  • Executive Program In Business Analytics (EPBA) by Jigsaw Academy in association with SDA Bocconi

You can even find data analytics courses online that you can pursue in order to gain more insight on the industry as well as obtain valuable certifications from reputed universities all across the globe. 

Career Outlook As A Data Scientist

After having finished your data science course, there are a few options you have to kickstart your career. You can start off as a low-level data analyst whose work revolves around extracting structured data from MySQL databases or CRM systems or analyzing A/B test results. You can even focus on a career in the field as a data or big data engineer, data or big data architect or a hadoop developer. Due to the high demand for data scientists from big companies like Google as well as the smaller stores looking for talent, a data scientist job is always available for you, provided you have the interest and competence for it. 

Is Data Scientist The Right Course For You? Role Of Career Counselling

We’ve established the fact that data science is a rewarding career with a lot of scope currently as more and more industries are attempting to integrate it into crucial decision-making processes. However, bear in mind that while the opportunities are endless in this field, it is only kind to those who have a flair for data science and carry a certain level of passion and competence to win in their career path. Without the career interests, skills and personality for this job, it is very difficult to survive here as the learning curve is very steep and the expectations are very result-oriented. Therefore, it is important to understand whether you are cut out to make a career in data science or not. This is where the role of career counselling comes into play.

VedAtma offers career counselling for students where they conduct a few psychometric tests wherein you get to understand your unique natural potential which can then be aligned with the job you are seeking and then you can evaluate if it is the right choice for you. Here, you can take up a personality test such as the MBTI personality test to ensure that data science is suitable for your personality. At VedAtma, we ensure that you get a complete understanding of who you are and what you want to do before you make a career decision. Here, you can feel the VedAtma difference.  

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