Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs From Which You Can Pick Your “Dream Job”!

Gone are the days when engineering and medicine were the only professions that fetched a high salary. Many industries have now evolved to offer promising careers with the highest salary jobs. First of all, while money is a very promising incentive to pursue a career, you must also like the job that you do, thus qualifying as your dream job. Making money should only be a by-product of something that gives you great pleasure. Having said that, it is also important to keep in mind that there is a journey that has to be mapped out in order to realise your objectives. To do so, you need to be informed of the options that you have and which one suits you the most. 

And remember, some top jobs might be more lucrative than the others and will give you an edge over other professionals but it can only become a reality if you are willing to work for it. This blog highlights the top 10 highest paying jobs in India that will help you gain perspective and choose one that suits you the best in terms of your career interests, skills, traits, and personality type.

Here are the top 10 highest paying jobs:

data scientist course- highest paying job
  1. Lawyer: Law is one of the most sought-after jobs in the list of high paying jobs as there is always a demand in fields such as criminal, litigation, corporate, etc. and it pays around Rs. 7,00,000 on an average annually and can increase with experience and time.
  2. Commercial pilot: Everyone loves uniformed professionals and being a commercial pilot is one of the highest-paid professions especially when you are starting out. The training is intense but the starting salary itself ranges between Rs 1,50,000 to 2,00,000.
  3. Management professional: A management professional can take up roles in many areas of business such as like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Operations and Logistics and all you need is an MBA degree to have this choice. If you graduate from a good business school, you can bag some attractive salary packages that can be much higher than the average pay in the industry. But, you can start off with at least Rs. 7,00,000-8,00,000 per annum.
  4. Civil services: Life as a civil service employee is quite luxurious. Although getting into a civil job is very difficult, once you’re in, it is the place to be. You can bag a salary of Rs. 80,000-85,000 per month very easily. 
  5. Management consultant: Businesses need management consultancies for help in resolving a business challenge. As this problem can be in any industry, you can get domain specialists on board and MBA is a safe bet to get hired.  As a fresher, you can earn a package of Rs. 8,00,000-10,00,000 per annum. Beware that with high pay comes a lot of hardwork and expectations. 
  6. Doctor: We know the status and respect that comes with being a doctor but if you have the right qualifications and exposure, you can earn around Rs. 6,00,000 per annum in the beginning. 
  7. Merchant navy: This is a strenuous job but very rewarding. When you commence as a junior engineer, you can take home Rs. 30,000 per month but you can climb the ladder quickly and get Rs. 1,50,000-2,00,000.
  8. Chartered accountant: Chartered accountants are always in demand and they will continue to be in vogue. But, as we are aware, passing the CA exam is quite a challenge and if you pass it in the first attempt, you can easily get a package of Rs. 10,00,000-11,00,000 per annum putting it in the spotlight for being the highest paying job in India.
  9. Computer science engineering: Another profession that is in close contesting with CA for the highest paying job in the country is computer science engineering. There are technological advancements that need manpower to regulate, innovate and maintain and engineers do just that. Big companies such as Google and Amazon are always on the lookout for talent in this profession. 
  10. Data Scientist: New to the game, data science is considered as one of the best-paid jobs in the world today. There is a lot of demand for data scientists and the growth is rapid and very rewarding if you are up for the challenge. You can earn somewhere between Rs. 5,00,000-7,00,000 per year.

Role of career counselling before you choose a high paying job for yourself:

career counselling for students

High paying jobs undoubtedly are a blessing as they resolve any financial constraints and lead to a comfortable life. But, bear in mind that those are not the only important things. If you are cashing in a hefty pay cheque every month and you like what you do, then it is worth it. However, if your job is making you miserable, then the consequences can be drastic, with increased fatigue, elevated stress, mood swings, and even depression. Your quality of life might improve but your physical and mental health might deteriorate. In fact, even your relationships can take a hit. Hence, ensure that you are also happy in the job that you do, irrespective of the size of your pay. 

The role of career counselling is crucial here. It tells you which career would be suitable for you based on your interests, skills and personality. Yes, you heard it right! You have to not only evaluate the scope of the industry you are choosing but also whether you are cut out for the job. VedAtma provides career counselling for students wherein we conduct psychometric tests to understand your unique natural potential. We give you undivided attention in our one-to-one counselling sessions conducted by certified practitioners to help you achieve personal and professional fulfillment. We are very well-known for our personality test where we determine your personality type and help you understand the results you receive from the MBTI personality test.

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