5 Reasons career counselling for students is extremely important for their career growth.

Your child’s career becomes of value not just by building a promising resume but by pursuing a profession that they are passionate about. However, a huge population of employees in India is unhappy with their jobs. They either continue to do it to fulfill their financial needs or they quit within a few months and begin exploring other fields, thus never building expertise in one industry. We need career counselling for students in India now more than ever, simply because we can see young adults making impulsive decisions without doing enough research or realising what their unique natural potential is.

When we plan to buy a gadget or a house, we consult many people, sometimes including professionals. But when it comes to choosing a career, we often just take a decision based on superficial perspectives, current trends or even under peer pressure. This practise leads to adverse effects causing turbulence in your professional and personal life. While choosing a suitable career, you will also find a lot of people giving you advice on what they think is a good career path for your child based on their experience and knowledge. It could be misleading and pressurizing at the same time.

The right way to go is to understand and assess the aptitude and skills your children possess and then align it with the career they have in mind. This is where a career consultant comes in. Career counselling websites helps young people grasp the right information regarding different career options available for them.

Why career counselling for students is important for their career growth?

career counselling for students

Most students have no clue as to what they wish to do in their career after 12th. A higher percentage of people living in India are unhappy with the career choice they made resulting in switching from one job to another and yet being unhappy.

The earlier your child chooses a career path, the easier it becomes to gain expertise and ultimately obtain work-life fulfillment in it. That is why career counselling after 12th should be made mandatory to ensure that no student falls prey to pressure and uninformed decisions. Career counselling for students is crucial for career growth because they need to:

  1. Speak to someone who knows more than you do: Career counsellors receive adequate training to guide you and your child through this decision process, irrespective of which industry is in question. They will help you understand the qualities your child possesses and align them with the demands and prerequisites of the particular job and determine whether it is right for them or not.
  2. Get a much broader perspective of the industries: We may understand industries in a nutshell but career counsellors have in-depth knowledge on how it works, competition, functioning of companies, giants in the industry and so on which will certainly come in handy when your son or daughter steps into a new career.
  3. Get helped in creating a well-defined roadmap to succeed in their career: Take for instance, you wish to be an artist, a career counsellor will suggest creative courses after 12th that you can pursue and the next steps you can ideally take after having finished your studies. With this road map, you can make both long-term and short-term goals.
  4. Get spoken to someone who isn’t you: Sometimes, it is hard to make decisions for young adults and despite the fact that you want the best for them, they might not be very comfortable confiding in you. Unintentionally, you might end up nudging them to take certain courses in order to attain financial security and social status. Sometimes, it can be tedious for you to understand what they really wish to do or NOT do. This is where a career counsellor can help.
  5. Discuss possible career choices with domain experts: Career counsellors have expertise in various domains and are also well-connected. They will be able to empower your child with all the information and resources needed. For example, if they have decided to pursue any professional courses after 12th, experts can provide information on the various courses and colleges that would be suitable for their unique natural potential.

How Vedatma career counselling for students is your solution

At VedAtma, we understand the significance of personal fulfillment that comes with professional satisfaction. We also understand that the route to this goes through some meaningful self-assessment which lighten up strengths and weaknesses to help your child in making the right decision. As a parent, the task falls on your shoulders to ensure that whatever your child chooses is the best for them, irrespective of whether you understand their decision or not. Providing them with the necessary support in this crucial period of their life and offering support goes a long way in achieving success in their life.

We provide career counselling for students with an objective of placing them in the right direction instead of providing them with an overload of information that will again put them in a fix. When you make use of career counselling to understand your kid’s unique natural potential, you can be confident of having made the right choice for their skills, interests, and personality. That is the VedAtma difference. The role of career counselling for students is riveting as more and more are getting support from certified practitioners.

Our psychometric tests set us apart from other counselling centers across the country. We administer MBTI assessment and Strong Interest Inventory assessment to find out your child’s personality type along with their career interests and skills. As you know, our personality places a huge role in our professional and personal life, making a personality test indispensable during this process. Therefore, if you are unsure about which career path your child should take, reach out to VedAtma, a renowned brand that makes use of modern methodologies to determine a student’s career interests, personality and skill set followed by which they figure out which career or industry aligns with their unique natural potential.

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