Science vs Commerce vs Arts? A guide to courses after 10th

Your 10th board exams are fast approaching. Amidst the pressure of exams, you face another pressure; that of choosing the right courses after 10th. You also troubled by questions such as –

courses after 10th for students
  • “Whether to go for coaching classes for competitive exams?”
  • “Which subjects to opt for in a stream?”
  • “Which board to choose: State board, CBSE or ICSE?”
  • “Should I opt for Diploma?”

You must be feeling unsure of your career ambitions and how to go about it. The consequences of the choices that you make at this milestone will reflect in your future. It is necessary to put a lot of thought and reasoning behind picking the correct stream. You also need to steer clear of misinformation as a wrong decision now can lead you to make a wrong career choice in the future and cause grave depression.

In order to bring things into perspective, let us look at the career options available in each stream:

Courses after 10th in Science:

This stream is the most popular stream chosen by students for 10+2 education. If you aspire to become a doctor, a scientist or an engineer, you should choose the Science stream. Choosing this stream also keeps your options open i.e you can select Commerce or Arts after pursuing 10+2. It is compulsory to take at least six subjects including one language. There are many options for subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, IT, Electronics etc. You must keep clear goals in mind and then choose the subjects that lead you towards a fruitful career. The field of Science requires utmost dedication and investment in terms of time, efforts and money. For instance, medical students need to invest a good 8-10 years in their education. In case of engineering students, you need to ace IIT-JEE, AIEEE, or RPET to avail seats in good colleges.

Courses after 10th in Commerce:

The second most popular courses amongst students after 10th standard is Commerce. You can get the opportunity to pursue some of the highest paying and reputed jobs. The major subjects in this stream are Economics, Accountancy, Business Law, Auditing, Income Tax, and Marketing. Just like Science, you need to compulsorily select 5 subjects including one language. Commerce stream has a plethora of career options available like Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Finance Analyst, Finance Manager, Financial Planner, Investment Analyst, Tax Auditor, Tax Consultant, Actuary, Foreign Trade, Stock Broking, Cost Accountant, Portfolio Manager, Economist, Statistician, etc. It is necessary for you to have a good aptitude with numbers, good analytical skills, good verbal communication, and writing skills.

Courses after 10th in Arts:

Although Arts as a stream isn’t as preferred as Science or Commerce by students, the career opportunities in this stream are aplenty such as social works, fashion designer, interior designer, literature, journalism, teaching, etc. You need to select 5 subjects including one compulsory and one optional language can be added apart from these five. Sociology, History, Literature, Psychology, Political Science, Philosophy and Economics are the other subjects you can choose from. If you have creativity, communication and interpersonal skills, you should go for Arts.

Role of counselling for students after 10th:

If you are still confused on your choice of stream and how to choose the right career, you need to reflect upon your choices based on your strengths, weaknesss, and skills. If you are unsure of your forte, you can opt for an online career counselling test. You are able to understand which career suits your personality the best with career guidance test. But career counselling online has its limitations as well. There is a lack of personal one-on-one. You can also turn to your parents or relatives for guidance. But there is a possibility of them exerting their biases on you.

Hence, parents need to understand the importance of career counselling for students by a certified career advisor. It is also necessary to find a career counsellor that makes use of established career counselling strategies and career counselling techniques.

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Strong® helps provide insight into an individual’s personal interests. Our psychometric test, an amalgamation of MBTI® and Strong® helps in finding out an individual’s unique natural potential. This test helps those who need a new career or those who want to figure out how to change careers by finding out the best-fit educational and career fields for them.

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