Why Career Guidance After 12th is so Important These Days?

For students to make the right career decision, it is essential for them to make the right move at the earliest. While taking such life-changing decisions they must keep their personality, aptitudes and interests in mind.

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Completing class 12th can be one such frightening situation where a student must take major decisions regarding  their career. The right choice of a college major and the correct college to pursue it are probably the cornerstones of any student’s career..

Students need to start contemplating their career choices right from the beginning as once they are on the verge of completing their school life, it becomes necessary to be well informed about the different career options available to them.

This is where career counselling becomes most important.

Importance of career counselling in school days

Almost every student finds themselves at a crossroads after class 12th.

They keep going back and forth to find answers to questions like, ‘What career choice should I take up?’ or ‘Which stream should I opt for?’. The answers to these questions are never consistent as there are numerous streams they can opt for, leaving them in a fix.

This is where career guidance after 12th plays a pivotal role.

Career counselling enables a student to make well-informed career decisions based on their aptitude, interest and personality. Going through an effective counselling session helps students cut through the clutter and make decisions that clears the major obstacles from their life. Here’s how it helps.

  • Making an informed choice:  Counselling usually begins with getting an in-depth understanding of a student’s individual preferences and their areas of improvement.

    Once this is done, information about the best-fit courses along with their eligibility criteria is given. A good career counsellor will give the student all the information pertaining to a specific course as well as highlighting the difference between different existing course profiles enabling them to make informed career decisions.
  • Career mapping: Once students become aware of what opportunities are available to them and which one fits best, they can achieve their goals with greater determination and focus.
  • Job satisfaction: In order to achieve the utmost personal and professional fulfilment, students need to opt for a stream after 12th that is best aligned with their unique natural potential. Effective career guidance after 12th helps a student in doing so.

Career counselling helps a student in numerous ways, yet for the process to be fruitful enough, it is essential for students to either have some degree of self-awareness or to opt for an effective counselling session that could help them to fully analyze their choices based on accurate information and scientific assessments.

Moving one step ahead: From self-analyzation to revalidating choices

career guidance after 12th

On one hand, seeking professional career guidance after 12th is important and on the other, it is also essential for students to revalidate their choice of career.

To pick up wiser choices students need help from certified practitioners who help them in mapping their potential to choose their best-fit career. These practitioners use scientific processes to gain valuable insights into a student’s passion and interest.

The overall significance of this part is more crucial than self analysation. Self analysation is more like shooting in the dark where decisions you make might not stand the best for you everytime. With the help of professional help like Vedatma, students can be sure of their career choices after getting the same revalidated by experts. It is then easier to stick and plan things accordingly .

Where to seek career counselling?

Knowing where to seek proper guidance for their career is extremely essential for students if they are in a dilemma. Most of us still believe in the old conventional ways of counselling that are more prescriptive than effective. Here are the major resources from which a student often seeks counselling from but they are not essentially the best :

  • Parents:  Parents play a pivotal role in building their child’s career. It is a parent who motivates the child to explore and understand what fits best for them. However, parents should always seek help from professional career counsellors who can help in selecting their child’s best fit career.
  • Teachers:.Teachers would know the aptitude in academic subjects. However, since career interests and personality also play a vital role in finding the best-fit career, it is best to guide students to career counselling companies like VedAtma which administers world class assessments through certified practitioners. This way their unique natural potential can be mapped to their best-fit career.
  • Career counsellors: These are professionals who are certified enough to provide insights about a students aptitude, interest and personality. A good career counselor will always dig deeper into understanding every student’s unique natural potential. With the help of scientific assessments tests recognised internationally.

The significance of career guidance after 12th

Class 12th often leaves the student in a dilemma. Under intense pressure of the board exams and entrance examinations, students become unsure of their career choices which can give them personal and professional fulfilment in the near future. Opting for the right counselling methods can solve most of their pain points which if done in a scientific manner makes it more reassuring.

The right career counsellor motivates the student by analyzing their unique natural potential thoroughly. These scientific assessment reports provide valuable insights about a student’s personal and professional preferences.

Their personality, aptitude and interests are converged to give them a better understanding and a clearer picture of what their career should get mould into.

What we suggest at VedAtma:

At VedAtma, our certified career counsellors administer internationally recognized scientific assessment tests like The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®(MBTI®)

assessment & The Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment and provide valuable insights about a student’s unique natural potential which is a convergence of 3 aspects: personality, aptitude and career interests.

These are not just any conventional assessment tests as they dive deeper to gather insights from a student’s perspective.These assessment tests provide students with an opportunity to achieve both personal and professional fulfilment.

Know how VedAtma works:

At VedAtma, we help students make educational and career choices best aligned to their unique natural potential, using psychometric assessments and highly personalized counselling sessions.