Embracing scientific approach in career counselling for students


While growing up, all of us must have thought of an ideal career which we wish to pursue. As time goes by, we make compromises to get into our professional paths quickly leaving our passions behind. Our natural potential takes a backseat in this case. This is where we need to stop and think about what we are doing. When our expectations are not met, we slowly begin to dislike our jobs.  In order to avoid this, career counselling for students during their prime years is extremely essential.


What is the significance of choosing the right career?

importance of career counselling for students

Do you know what kind of career will give you complete professional and personal fulfilment? It’s the one which is based on your unique natural potential. Being professionally happy requires your love for work. The more you will self evaluate your strengths, interests and personality the more you will be able to make informed career decisions. But what if you make a wrong career move? Here are the consequences you might face:

  • You will end up being unproductive and unhappy in life with a wrong career move.
  • Anxiety and stress is the result of a job which does not give you any professional fulfilment thereby leading to depression in many individuals.
  • When we opt for the wrong career it induces a tendency of social disregard amongst us. We end up feeling at war with ourselves and often forget to enjoy the lighter side of life.


How career counselling helps in choosing the right career?


Career counselling makes it easier for students to choose the right career. Counsellors not only give students a thorough guidance about different career options but also pushes them in the right direction. They motivate them to pursue a career based on their unique natural potential, a convergence of three aspects of personality, career interests and aptitude. Here are some of the effective ways in which counselling helps.

  • Counsellors have a thorough knowledge about the jobs available in the market and the skills required for getting into specific fields.
  • When you consult a career counsellor, he or she will broaden your perspective about different professions. You will be given the right fact about a specific career based on your personality, passion and interest.
  • In order to achieve your career goals faster, a counsellor will provide you with a clear roadmap. This will help you to stay focused.
  • Counsellors will provide you with an unbiased perspective about a career path and adequate knowledge about the subject when compared to parental biases.


The problem with conventional career counselling methods


In order to avoid facing the consequences of a bad career choice, career counselling is essential. But the conventional career advisors are not equipped enough to deal with students in an effective manner.

  • It is a mandate in career counselling services to put the students at ease and nurture trust in them. A career counselling technique is effective only when the person has active-listening skills that help in understanding a student’s unique natural potential, a convergence of three aspects of personality, career interests and aptitude.
  • Most career counsellors pay undue importance to student’s aptitude focusing most about being prescriptive about courses and colleges.

A career counsellor is required to be extremely research oriented and should be knowledgeable about the latest approaches to career counselling like scientific assessments tests that help students in discovering their unique natural potential. But you may ask how can you identify the right career path based on this.


Identifying the right career based on unique natural potential


The professional sphere is highly competitive. In order to perform exceptionally in your career, you need to choose the one you love and that too at right time. The early you start with the process of self- knowledge, the more you’ll be able to plan your future accordingly.  Choosing a career aligned with your unique natural potential lets you unleash your talent brings out the best from you.

The need of the hour is a scientific approach to career counselling. In an approach like this, students are able to discover their unique natural potential based on scientific assessments tests. Examples of these assessments tests are Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Test Inventory (SII) assessment tools. These are internationally recognized and are used extensively by top colleges and universities in the US. Over the past 70-80, year’s students around the world are discovering their unique natural potential based on these tools.


Embracing scientific approach to career counselling opens a doorway to wiser decisions


Embracing a scientific approach to career counselling should be pivotal to counselling services. It is extremely crucial to dig deeper into understanding every student’s unique natural potential. Communicating with a student on the basis of these internationally reputed psychometric tests by certified experts will give students a clear version of their envisioned career options.

This will also help in identifying the broad educational or job streams that are best aligned with their natural potential. The whole exercise will also reveal various aspects of a student’s personality.




At VedAtma, we help students in discovering their unique natural potential with the help of scientific assessments tools like The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®(MBTI®) and The Strong Interest Inventory®. With the help of these tests, students are given valuable insight pertaining to their personal and vocational interests. In a highly competitive environment, it is essential for a student to make a promising educational and occupational choice which is what we are for. We at VedAtma enable people to make the best suited educational and occupational choices with our scientific assessment tests. Our certified experts have one on one interaction with people and explain the relevance of unique natural potential to them. 

At VedAtma, we help students make educational and career choices best aligned to their unique natural potential, using psychometric assessments and highly personalized counselling sessions.