It is high time to establish the fact that not everyone wants to be an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer. Yes, in India, people are often smitten by the fancy reputation that comes with these professions and even today, there is a negative notion to being an artist, a musician or an actor. To some, it is a “hobby” or a “time-pass activity” that cannot be monetized. Well, they cannot be more wrong. Now is a great time for creative souls as there is a lot of scope for them to venture into the art forms that they find interesting and get trained in them too. With the emergence of many new industries and job possibilities in the past five years, students who want to explore their creativity can pursue courses after 12th based on what their creative interests are.

Earlier, artists and performers had to ‘struggle’ to gain success in their industry as the learning curve was steep and there were not many programs that helped them master the required skills. Thankfully, students can now enroll into creative courses to experiment with the skills and sharpen them systematically. So, if you are a creative individual who’s looking for the best courses after 12th to satiate your creative streak, read on to know more.

Why should you opt for creative courses?

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy formulas and equations, hardcore science theories or commerce definitions, creative courses are your best shot. In addition, if you have an artistic stroke or a performing art, it is definitely worth pursuing. Creative arts can set your imagination free and trigger creative thinking while showcasing your talent. Luckily, with courses after 12th science other than engineering, you can turn your creative talents into a rewarding career. The last decade has opened up quite a lot of opportunities and channels for creative minds to showcase their art and that is a reassuring reason why you should opt for a creative courses.

Additionally, there is more flexibility in this line of work as you can start your own business or work as a freelancer or on a contract-basis. This means lesser restrictions, working in your own time and of course, choosing projects that really interest you. You also get to be your own boss. Whatever be your stream in 12th, you can invariably pursue a career in the creative field. For example, best courses after 12th science for you can be a program in graphic design or web design as they require a certain amount of comfort with computers whereas the best courses after 12th commerce would be in event management.

Best courses for the creative minds: 

The options for the creative people are limitless. There is immense scope for new jobs in the future that are more creative than technical and with it, there will emerge a number of interesting courses to obtain the necessary skills or improve existing ones. Here are five very promising courses that are ideal for creative minds. 

  1. Photography: 

The basis of being a photographer is a blend of being creative and tech-savvy. There is a huge demand for photographers as every industry needs a visual representation of their products and services. You can pick from providing photos to publications, mass communication and e-commerce businesses or pick a specialisation or two such as lifestyle photography, wedding photography, wildlife photography etc. Multiple photography courses are available such as:

  • Certificate program in digital photography
  • Professional diploma course in photography

Some of the best colleges in India are Light and Life Academy, The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation and AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research Center .

  1. Content Writing: Blogs, technical documentation, videos, social media, publications and newspapers, to create all of these collaterals, companies need a content writer. If you are great with penning down your thoughts and working magic with your words, content writing is for you. There are not many straightforward content writing courses available but it is integrated into marketing and journalism courses. However, you can get a  Professional Certification in Content Writing (PCCW) from Content Writing Training, Delhi. 
  1. Graphic Design: Every sector has a requirement for graphic designers. All their creatives aimed at social media marketing and other forms of communication with customers need designers. To become a graphic designer, you can pursue a Diploma in Graphics Design Rich Media. Check out institutes such as National Institute of Design, Industrial Design Centre (IDC) and Instrument Design and development centre for designing courses.
  1. Fashion Design: Fashion is constantly evolving and with it, there is an oasis of opportunities for fashion enthusiasts. People love to look their best and good fashion is their weapon. You can build a niche for yourself as a fashion designer with your own business or work for popular labels and the film industry. Here are some of the fashion designing courses you can pursue:
    – B.Sc degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile design
    – B. Des. (Accessory design)
    – B. Des. (Fashion design)
    – B. Des. (Textile design)

Popular institutes in India include National Institute of Design (NID), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Pearl Academy of Fashion (PAF) and Symbiosis Centre of Design (SID)

What role does career counselling for students have here? 
The path of pursuing a career in creative professions  is a lot vague and overwhelming for students as there is no clear cut path in most of them. Their interest in a certain field might not necessarily be understood by their family or they themselves might not know if it is right for them or not. Hence, to secure your future as a student, the importance of career counselling must be understood.

The role of career counselling is to get a complete understanding of you interests followed by the skill set you have. The career counsellor then explores your passion, abilities, values, personality and background, thus helping you identify the  right career path for you in the creative world.

Career counselling for students guides them through the process of figuring out whether their talents can be converted into a sustainable career. This is where Vedatma comes in. We make use of globally-renowned career assessment tools such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment (MBTI® assessment) and Strong Interest Inventory® assessment (SII assessment)  to realise a student’s unique natural potential. We then suggest career options that are apt for students based on their interest, personality and aptitude. How do we do it? With in-depth analysis during one-to-one sessions with our certified practitioners. To know more, check out our process here: